Promo / Tech

We’re excited to have you play at The Abbey Pub!


We will do everything we can to help promote your show but it is ultimately up to you to bring as many people to the venue as possible. Please don’t show up and expect to play for a full house if you haven’t spread the word.

If you are booked at The Abbey, here’s what we expect from you:

Provide us with at least 1-2 quality digital images, an updated bio and links to your website AND social media pages.

For your artist profile on our page, please send either a jpg or png file that is at least 300 pixels wide. If you would like to send a digital flier/image which will rotate on our website’s main page, please send either a jpg or png file with a clear horizontal orientation that is at least 500 pixels wide. Featured images are ideally 637×333.

Mail us whatever promo material you have available. Posters, handbills, CDs etc., we’ll get them out as soon as you get them in so the sooner the better. We like to get at least 15+ posters for each show and if we have extras we’ll send them out with our street teamers. Please send them to:

The Abbey Pub
3420 W. Grace
Chicago, IL 60618

Hit the media list hard for free press (click to download)

When posting on Facebook or Twitter please tag us appropriately and we’ll do the same for you ☺

Tell everyone you know to come see you play. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth promotions!


Tech Specs



Hi/Mid Speakers – (2) Martin Audio W8 per side (each powered by QSC PLX 3402)
Subwoofers – (3) Martin Audio W8CS per side (each powered by QSC PLX 2402)
System Processor – XTA DP226


4 mixes controlled from front-of-house (stage left, center, stage right, drumfill)
Downstage, each wedge consists of 12″ EV LF driver, and 2″EV HF driver (1 wedge for Stage Left, 2 wedges for center mix, 1 wedge for Stage Right)
Upstage center is the drum fill which consists of a EV QRX 115/75 hi/mid, and a Peavey 15″ subwoofer. Drum Fill Crossover is a Peavey 23XO.
All monitors powered by Crown Macrotech 2400.


Crest X8 – 40 channel (32 used for stage) 8 Aux, 8 Groups, 4 matrix
(3) Klark DN-360 (System EQ, and each of the four monitor mixes)
(1) Yamaha Rev 7 reverb
(1) Yamaha R500 reverb
(1) t.c electronics D-TWO delay
(1) Yamaha SPX90 II multi FX
(2) dbx 166
(1) dbx 266
(1) Behringer Composer Pro
(2) Behringer Composer


All lights controlled at front-of-house via Leprecon LP-612 console
(3) par cans lights in front
(4) par cans stage right
(4) par cans stage left
(10) par cans upstage
ETA 1253 dimmer packs.
Microphones by Shure, Senheiser, and AKG.




Promoting your show…

The Abbey promotes heavily through social media and other web publications, we also have an online calendar on our web site, check it out, it’s great. Feel free to drop off posters and flyers for your event at The Abbey (3420 W Grace Street), the sooner you get them to us, the better we can all promote the show.

For emerging local bands, in addition to these promotional avenues, the best way to support the scene and guarantee a good crowd at any of your shows is through word of mouth, so definitely let your friends and fans (and friends of family and fans) know about every show you play. We want to be able to say that we had you at our venue before you got huge.


Unfortunately, the city is not as enthusiastic as we are to promote our awesome shows. According to law 10-8-320, the Street And Sanitation Department is planning on fining you (YOU, not the Abbey) anywhere between $200.00 and $1,000.00! They are getting pretty serious with those fines. We would hate to hear about anyone having to pay such expensive fines to promote shows at The Abbey

Here is the ordinance

Luckily, there are other ways you can promote your show without breaking the law, breaking the law. Such as these wonderful options:

1. You should definitely ask local businesses if you can hang up posters in their windows. There are tons of music friendly businesses that will let you hang up posters. Also, since you are asking for their permission, they are less likely to be taken down before the show date.

2. You can send out e-mail blasts, create Facebook events, Tweet, Instagram, Tumblr, and what have you. Social Media, its kind of the bees knees.

3. There’s a bunch of great music blogs that love discovering and promoting new artists that you can contact. Check out our media contact list below to contact all the blogs, publications and radio stations your heart desires.